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Waterstone Hot Water Tank Ultimate Undersink System

  • Waterstone 1000
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $814.40

Waterstone Hot Water Tank Insta-Hot Undersink System

  • Waterstone 2000
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $536.80

* Includes the Hot Tank, PRV (pressure regulator valve) and a Safety/Leak Detector * Faucet not included* The Hot Tank, when installed with the PRV and a Waterstone Filtration Faucet carries a 2 Year Warranty.

Waterstone Hot Water Tank (Quick & Hot)

  • Waterstone 5000
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: White
  • $456.80

* Waterstone 5000 Hot Tank - Quick & Hot* Waterstone's Under Sink Systems* Tank dimensions: 11 1/4" high x 6 3/4" wide x 8 1/4" deep.* Adjustable temperature 140F to 190F (60C to 88C)* Insulated 1/2 gal. Stainless Steel tank.* Compatible with RO filtration systems.* Up to 60 cups per hour capacity…

Insinkerator Hot Water Tank and Filtration System

  • Insinkerator HWT-00
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $265.59

* 2/3-gallon stainless steel tank* Easy to adjust temperature control* Tool-free tank connections and dry start protection to ease installation* Provides 60 cups/hour of near-boiling water* F-1000S Filtration System included for fresher tasting water* Reduces particulates, chlorine taste and odor…

Insinkerator Hot Water Tank and Filtration System

  • Insinkerator HWT-F1000S
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $304.20

* HWT-F1000S Hot Water Tank and Filtration System* The redesigned stainless steel hot water tank (HWT-F1000S), which includes the new water filtration system (F-1000S), will feature a new high-end appearance. It is re-engineered for longer life and improved performance with a 2/3-gallon capacity…

Insinkerator High Performance Hot Water Tank, Non-Filtering

  • Insinkerator HWT-HP
  • Steaming Hot Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $393.21

* High Performance Hot Water Tank, Non-Filtering* The High Performance Steaming Hot Water Tank is chosen by professional coffee shops for proven performance.* Features 2/3-gallon stainless steel tank with 1300W heating element for rapid recovery and electronic thermostat for tight temperature…

Franke Heating Tank 1.75 GPM

  • Franke HT-200
  • Little Butler Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $292.60

* Made in USA * UL Approved * 11-1/4" Height

Newport Brass Hot Water Tank

  • Newport Brass NB5-036
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: Silver
  • $295.40

* Newport Brass Hot Water Tank* Compliments Chesterfield Product Series* Compliments East Linear Product Series* Compliments Fairfield Product Series* Supplies 100 Cups Per Hour* Temperature Range is 140° F to 190° F * 115 Volts* Non-Finished Item

Westbrass Hot Water Tank Quick Heating

  • Westbrass QHT-1
  • Decorative Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $240.00

* Westbrass Quick Heating Tank* Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Tank* 5/8 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank* Delivers 60 Cups per Hour* Plugs Into Standard 115V Wall Outlet* 140°-190° Fingertip Temperature Adjustable* Required for all Hot, or Hot/Cold Water Dispensers* UL Listed

Rohl ISE Hot Water Tank

  • Rohl HWD200
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $673.50

* Up to 100 Cups/Hour of Near Boiling Water (210°F)* Rapid Recovery Supported by 1,300 Watt Heating Element* Dry Start Protection for Peace of Mind* Long Life Stainless Steel Construction, 84 oz. Capacity* Easy to Adjust Temperature Control (190-210°F) and Electronic Thermostat with Tight…

Mountain Plumbing Little Gourmet Premium Hot Water Tank

  • Mountain Plumbing MT641-3
  • Universal Collection
  • Finish: No Finish
  • $358.80

* Loosen Jar Lids - Place the top of a jar briefly under the Little Gourmet to aid in removing difficult to open jar lids* Remove Labels from Bottles - A quick run under Little Gourmet hot water will remove labels and residue* Warm Baby Food and Bottles - Little Gourmet hot water can quickly and…

Whitehaus Heating Tank for Instant Hot Water Dispensers

  • Whitehaus WH-TANK2
  • Foreverhot Collection
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • $507.50

* Large 5/8 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank* Provides 60 Cups Hot Water Per Hour* Light Indicator: